Unusual designed Signature Bowl, using a Deep Blue glaze over a plain white background.


All our products are hand-built and fully glazed with non-toxic glazes, making them safe for serving food.  Each item is totally unique and has been created with enthusiasm and passion by the ceramicist.

Due to the unusual shapes, it is not possible to give a totally accurate measurement of a piece, with this in mind the measurements given are of the tallest part of the piece and the widest diameter.

Being hand-built the pieces may have imperfections, such as fingermarks, indentations and blemishes, all of which we believe only add to the quirkiness and individuality of the item.

Whilst we understand that you may just want to display your unique item, there are a variety of different uses, including Charcuterie bowls and serving platters, tealight holders, trinket bowls or even a quirky plant pot holder.

General Care :  We advise that the item is NOT placed in a dishwasher and is washed gently with soap and water.


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